Walton County School District and PanCare Health are excited to implement an innovative TeleHealth School Health Program to provide medical services at your child's school.

PanCare's on-campus TeleHealth clinic allows the school health nurse to consult with PanCare medical professionsl using telecommunication technology. This TeleHealth program will make healthcare for students more convenient and accessible, avoid delays in treatment, and enhance learning by decreasing absenteeism.

Available TeleHealth Services:

  • Diagnosis and treatment for acute illnesses and minor injuries such as strep throat, ear infections, rash, and more.

  • On-site rapid testing for COVID-19, Flue, and Strep available.

  • Behavioral health services availabe to provide Medication Management.

PanCare will only provide these services to students whose parents/guardians opt-in by providing written permission by completing the TeleHealth Services Consent Form. Services will NOT be provided to students without a parent/guardian's consent. All services are provided at no cost.

You may contact the school office for information on the TeleHealth Services Consent Form at (850) 892-1261.

Walton County School District is sensitive to the many responsiblities and obligations student care-givers juggle. TeleHealth services are designed with you, our parents in mind. Be sure to enroll your student as soon as possible.