Maude Saunders end-of-year awards assemblies will be held on the following dates and times :
Kindergarten - Tuesday, May 24th at 8:30 at MSE
First grade - Tuesday, May 24th at 1:00 at MSE
Second grade - Wednesday, May 25th at 8:30 at MSE
Third grade - Wednesday, May 25th at 1:00at MSE
Fourth grade - Thursday, May 26th 1:00 at MSE
All persons attending the awards assemblies must enter through the safe lobby and show identification using the RAPTOR system.  In order to enter more quickly, please come by the school prior to the event and have your identification scanned.  
Fifth grade will have a special recognition assembly on Thursday, May 26th at 8:30 off campus.  Parents will receive  information regarding the details of this event.