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Educational Support Staff

Paola Benitez-Jimenez, Paraprofessional

Michelle Campbell, Paraprofessional

Roslyn Chatman, Paraprofessional

Email:  TBA

Courtney Currid, Paraprofessional

Nicole Elkins, Paraprofessional

Dana Kay Evans, Paraprofessional

Troy Hare, Custodian

Dale Infinger, Plant Manager

Phone:  850.892.1260 x2442


Tonya Jackson, Paraprofessional

Ellen McLean, Paraprofessional

Sarah Mosley, Paraprofessional

Brandy Parker, Paraprofessional

Somer Pickard, Paraprofessional

Katrina Powell, Paraprofessional

David Shields, Custodian

Linda Slay, Custodian

Rachael Spence, Paraprofessional

Renita White, Paraprofessional

Kelly Woodworth, Paraprofessional

Phone:  850.892.1260 ext.2420


Beginning Sunday 3/17/19 students and their families may start shopping online for the Scholastic Book fair by accessing the school link at:


The Scholastic Bookfair will be coming to our school from March 29-April 5

No time to visit the Scholastic Book Fair? Shop online now through 4/6/19. Purchases will be delivered to Maude Saunders Elementary and shipping is FREE.


They may also learn about and set up an ewallet account for the bookfair for their student so that the student does not need to bring cash to school for the bookfair!

Rachel Yates, Paraprofessional