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Walton County teachers are preparing for the future as part of PAEC’s computer science boot camp! This grant supported FDOE program allowed these educators to learn the skills needed to successfully certify in K-12 computer science.


The Walton County School District is staying up-to-date on COVID-19 through consistent communication with the Florida Department of Education and the Walton County Health Department. The health and safety of our students is always our number one priority. As always during the flu season, our schools are working hard to keep all school surfaces and furniture clean and sanitary, but we have extended our efforts in order to be as proactive as possible for our students and employees.

All of us can also help prevent the spread of germs. Reminders can include:

* Wash hands often with soap and water

* Use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available

* Appropriately cover coughs and sneezes

* Keep hands away from eyes, nose, and mouth

* Stay home if you are sick

The number and websites below provide additional information:

* State Hotline for Florida - 866-779-6121

* Florida Department of Health -

* Walton Department of Health -

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -

Walton County School District attended the 2020 Gulf Power Symposium. The Symposium included topics about Futuristic Thinking, the importance of partnering from without and within our organizations, Northwest Florida’s economic forecast, planning for our military installations and Diversity.
Pictured from left to right: Brooke Adam, Financial Aid Officer of Emerald Coast Technical College (ECTC), Wyndy Crozier, Director/Principal of ECTC, Honorable John W. Henderson, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Innovation, Environment and Energy, Michelle Doggett, Facilities Planner, Jill Smith, Director of Facilities and Jeff Infinger, Coordinator of Facilities and Maintenance. 
On Saturday, February 22nd. Walton Middle School's SeaPerch/STEAM class traveled to Milton, Florida, to compete in the second annual Water Tower Competition. Towers were tested for structural efficiency, hydraulic efficiency, cost efficiency and design ingenuity.  Congratulations to Preston Alexander, Brett Cone, and Libby Morse for placing first in both design ingenuity and overall structural efficiency. They won $100 each, as well as a $10 Amazon Gift Card.
(Not pictured: Brett Cone)
Walton Middle School hosted its second successful Data and Doughnuts of the year, a Title 1 parent training event that was held during SPEAR (homeroom) classes February 26th-28th.  Approximately 188 families attended over the course of three days.  The school invited families to enjoy doughnuts with their students before diving into personalized data to help set attainable goals for success.  SPEAR teachers explained the importance of the STAR assessment as a means for progress monitoring reading and math success.  Teachers also showed parents and students K12 Lift reports, which show how current STAR achievement compares to not only past STAR performance but also FSA, helping families look for patterns to draw conclusions to better help students succeed.  After looking at the K12 Lift data and current grades in FOCUS, students wrote new goals to help them close out the school year on a positive note.  Parents and students were also given information about upcoming state testing dates, the Florida Prepaid Scholarship Program, and how to order a WMS yearboook.  (Yearbooks can still be purchased online at  At the end of the session, parents were able to provide their feedback about their experiences as WMS stakeholders through both the Title 1 parent survey and the annual school improvement climate survey.  (Parents who were unable to attend the event can still complete the survey at  WMS understands that families make tremendous sacrifices to be actively involved in their children's education, so efforts to attend are greatly appreciated.  Together, students, parents, and teachers are looking ahead to bright, successful futures.
WMS DATA & Doughnuts     WMS DATA & Doughnuts     WMS DATA & Doughnuts
 WMS DATA & Doughnuts        WMS DATA & Doughnuts    
 WMS DATA & Doughnuts          WMS DATA & Doughnuts     
 WMS DATA & Doughnuts             

In recognition of Black History Month, Mrs. Smigielski's fifth grade students studied the Underground Railroad and read a book about “Freedom Quilts" which contained secret maps used by African slaves to reach freedom. Using hidden symbols and messages, students designed “quilts” that depicted a route from our school to the lakeyard. First, they created a map, then translated their map to a paper quilt, and shared their quilts with the class. Students thoroughly enjoyed this project and gained a greater appreciation for the contributions of African Americans in history.

MSE Freedom Quilts

MSE Freedom Quilts

MSE Freedom Quilts

Paxton Bobcats are State Bound

February 26, 2020

Last night, after a 65-45 win against the Graceville Tigers in the Regional Finals, the Bobcats are state bound. Next, week the varsity team will head to Lakeland for the State Championship. The Paxton Family is so proud of our team and can't wait to see them BRING their BEST at state!
Pictured (L to R): Carson Mock (manager), Nate Moore (assistant coach), Kenyon Simmons, Adam Hall, Conner Gaither, Cage Wibbing, Alonzo Wright, Jeff Bradley (head coach), Connor Varnum, Zach Willams, Latrell Sanders, Tristan Petty, Donte Williams, Reid Danner, Hunter Allen (assistant coach), and Clete Moore (manager). 

MSE staff recently participated in Professional Development provided by Canopy Behavior Solutions. The presenters shared classroom strategies to help ensure the success of students with autism, including the use of visuals, prompting, and consistency within the classroom and school. Our teachers and staff gained knowledge and confidence in meeting the needs of all students.

MSE Autism Training