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We are so elated that the following teachers have been selected first, by their colleagues at their school sites, and then secondly, have been designated as the top 3 from that distinguished group to compete and be observed by a non-bias committee to be selected as the Walton County School District Teacher of the Year.


Christin Barnhart – South Walton High School

Leslie Coone – Mossy Head School

Hannah Gomillion – Van R. Butler Elementary School


A committee looked over all the applications, accomplishments, and skills of those who were selected at their school sites. Now this committee is going to do a formal visit to the classrooms of Ms. Barnhart, Ms. Coone, and Ms. Gomillion, to see all that was written on paper, in real-time. The interaction that these teachers will have with their students, the engagement the student will be involved in, will help determine which of these three very phenomenal teachers will represent WCSD at the state level as Teacher of the Year.


We have had some great winners in past years and know this year’s winner is not going to be an exception to that greatness. We, the teachers, support staff, principals, and community, are excited to have this kind of representation on the wonderful campuses we have in Walton County.


Congratulations to the site-based winners on every campus!


We are glad to say that at 90% brick and mortar, our students are really getting the full effect of being educated by these teachers.


Congratulations and good luck to those who have been selected in the top 3 and are now in the running for Walton County School District’s Teacher of the Year.”

Congratulations to Matthew Cotton and Elizabeth Pulley, for being selected as teacher of the year and ESP of the year. Matthew Cotton teaches 6-12 science at the Walton In”10”sity School of Excellence. He began his career in Walton County as a paraprofessional and after earning his degree from the University of West Florida, earned the position of science instructor at the Magnet program. He has been instrumental at developing our school based behavior program via LiveSchool and mentoring teachers with various forms of virtual learning.

Our District Mission is: Preparing the whole child for a life of Success”!  This too was on display at WHS Monday night with the FBLA students competing in the District Competition against other FBLA teams in the northern part of the state.  Mrs. Harless leads this team with High Expectation as they have received Statewide entry for their exhibition of Business Concepts, skills, and practices.  Good luck to these students for starting early at becoming the Future Business Leaders of America; Walton County is a hub for this kind of Innovative Learning and a wonderful place not only to live, worship, raise a family, but to work.  We believe these students will play a great part in the continued Economic Development that’s happening in our county.  Superintendent Hughes stopped in to encourage these students.

Walton High School was “The Place To Be” last night as some of the brightest and well rounded students in the WORLD put to competition their Academic Knowledge displayed and put to test at our Academic Team Meet!  Wow…..Is an understatement of what these students know, have learned, and are able to supply under the pressure of a time clock/limit, in the presence of their peers, teachers and viewed by parents through technology.  EPIC may not give justice to the level of awesomeness these students exemplify in this setting.  Thanks teachers and sponsors for making it happen for these students; times that will forever be treasured even during the challenges of a pandemic!

Maude Saunders is proud to announce our 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Kris Ascetta and our ESP of the Year, Mrs. Roslyn Chatman.  Mrs. Ascetta has taught first grade at MSE for two years and currently serves as the grade level chairperson.  Mrs. Chatman supports the staff and students at MSE daily as she works with students and teachers across grade levels.  Congratulations, Mrs. Ascetta and Mrs. Chatman!

National Mentoring Month

January 7, 2021

National Mentoring Month is a time to focus national attention on the importance of mentors, and to reflect on how each of us — individuals, businesses, government agencies, schools, faith communities and nonprofits — can help grow the mentoring movement and the positive effects it has on young people.

Mossy Head School Teacher and ESP of the Year

Mossy Head School would like to announce and congratulate our Teacher of the Year, Ms. Leslie Coone, and our ESP of the year, Ms. Carolyn Ingram.  Ms. Coone is a veteran teacher who continues to develop her instructional methods in order to create a positive, energetic, and yet academic centered classroom. She not only supports in her class, but also supports students and staff school wide. She has played an important role in the development of MHS's House System over the last few years, especially in acquiring the RCA House app for our school this year.

Ms. Ingram always has a smile and offers a helping hand to anyone in need. She not only helps provide healthy meals for MHS students, but also takes time to get to know students and build relationships with them. The care and concern she shows for others helps individual students and supports Mossy Head School's overall goal to create a positive learning environment. Thank you and congratulations to you both, Ms. Coone and Ms. Ingram!

South Walton High School is proud to announce our Teacher of the Year, Christin Barnhart and ESP of the Year, Jessica Bushong.


Mrs. Barnhart teaches Probability and Statistics and Advanced Placement Statistics and is the sponsor of the Seahawk Color Guard and Winter Guard.


Mrs. Bushong is an LPN and our school nurse.

The Walton High School faculty recently voted for Mrs. Holly Harless, Business Ed Teacher, to be the 2020-21 Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Harless also serves as an AVID 4 teacher and the FBLA sponsor. 

Ms. Susan Brewer was chosen by her peers to be the 2020-21 ESP of the Year. Ms. Brewer serves the staff and students of Walton High School with a servant's heart and always has a smile on her face. 

Walton High School is proud to honor these ladies!