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Moving and Learning in Civics at WMS

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October 12, 2020

Classrooms and schedules look very different this year as WMS has had to modify many of its tried and true practices to meet guidelines to keep students safe.  In one effort to social distance, WMS adopted a block schedule, meaning that classes last twice as long as they have in years past.  Though the new schedule has worked out well so far, students do get restless sitting for nearly two hours straight.  To combat seat fatigue, hardworking seventh grade civics teachers Mrs. Katie Williams and Ms. Regina Messer have put their heads together to create movement and engagement opportunities for students.  This week while reviewing symbolism, bias, and propaganda for nine weeks tests, the teachers got students out of their seats to get their blood flowing.  The teachers created a review game called “Name That Communication” that required students to show their answers by standing up and acting them out.  When a definition or example of bias appeared on the screen, students tapped their heads or pointed to their brains.  For symbolism, students made signs (like peace signs, hearts, or thumbs up ) or struck meaningful poses (like salutes) to represent the term.  And for propaganda, which always prompts people to take action, students had the most fun, either running in place or dancing behind their desks.  The learning activity took place after students had been sitting and learning for quite some time, so it was a welcome opportunity to stand up, stretch, move, and think.  Undoubtedly, 2020 has brought new challenges to education, but WMS teachers are rolling up their sleeves and creating fun solutions to keep minds engaged.



Superintendent Hughes stopped in unannounced as usual to see Mrs. Weninegar doing a group activity with students, interacted with students changing classes and made a new friend, Jack pictured with Ms. Hannah!  Thanks parents, students, and teachers for staying vigilant with the social distancing even in Phase 3 (guessing 85% wearing mask at DLE during my visit.)  You ALL are EPIC for sure!

In addition to being an “A” district for the 2018-2019 school year, Superintendent A. Russell Hughes proudly announces that the Walton County School District has now also been designated as an


High-Performing School District”!

Click the link below for the full article.  


October 7, 2020

Ms. Lydia Cochran’s class doing 4th grade BEAR time. 

October is National Principal Month!  If you would like to recognize or thank a principal, please text a compliment for your principal at 850.204.9667.

Kindergarten is diving into Technology at MHS!


Kindergarten students started working in the computer labs and on logging in to their ClassLink platforms this week at Mossy Head School. This requires them to use a lot of the skills they are learning all at one time: typing on the keyboard, working the mouse, identifying or matching letters and numbers, and following multiple step directions. 

WDE Inquiry and Observation

October 6, 2020

Fourth graders at West DeFuniak Elementary have been learning about physical and chemical changes. Through inquiry and observation, students learned that a physical change is when an object changes but does not turn into a new substance. They did this by placing a gummy bear in water overnight and seeing the result on the following day. Students observed that the gummy bear absorbed the water in the cup and almost doubled in size.  

# Blue Up

Walton District Employees “Go Blue” in recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month!  The first Monday of every October is recognized as World Day of Bullying Prevention. On this day, students, schools and communities all over the world wear BLUE together in solidarity against bullying. Today’s Campaign, #Blue Up kicks off National Bullying Prevention Month.  The organization Stomp Our Bullying is acknowledged as the leading national nonprofit dedicated to changing the culture for all students. The organization works to reduce and prevent bullying in any form in communities across the country. 

Walton District Staff is committed to ensuring our students are educated in bully-free schools that practice our “see something – say something policy.” We wear blue today as an outward allegiance to educate, raise awareness, encourage mindfulness and kindness. That’s the “Walton County Way.”         

FHS Advanced Manufacturing

October 2, 2020

Freeport High School student Jacob Snodgrass is putting the skills learned in Ted Missildine’s Advanced Manufacturing program to work. Jacob practiced his welding as his transformed a discarded, rusted smoker into one that’s ready for a weekend BBQ. Despite the challenges of this school year, Freeport students continue to learn and practice skills that can serve them and the community in the future. #HangOnGainOn

Barbie Bungee Jumping

October 2, 2020

South Walton High School's Mrs. Christin Barnhart’s Honors Statistics class was “Barbie Bungee Jumping” while wearing masks.