The Rosemary Beach Foundation recognized district art teachers and schools for their participation in the 2017-2018 annual “Music in Pictures” program, a year-long educational art initiative for all students in grades K-12 that brings classical music to the students to use as inspiration for visual art works.  The program offers a wonderful opportunity for collaboration between the art and music programs in our schools, and the result of that collaboration is EPIC!  Last year "Music in Pictures" impacted over 4,000 Walton County students.  The Foundation presented $3200 at the September 19th School Board Meeting, to be distributed to each school art program participating in the project. 

A workshop for district art and music teachers was held on September 15 to kick off the program with Dr. Benjamin Sung, Assistant Professor of Violin at The Florida State University.  Dr. Sung presented a program introducing and describing the music that would be the subject of this year's "Music In Pictures" project.  

Special thanks goes to the Rosemary Beach Foundation for their support of the Fine Arts programs of the Walton County School District. 

Submitted by Keitha Bledsoe.

Pictured below are: Keitha Bledsoe, Jennifer Rhea, Constance Rogers, Malayne DeMars (Rosemary Beach Foundation), Terri Jones-Shelley, Laurie Hudson

Pictured below are: Krystina Lyon, Robert Escamilla, Jennifer Rhea, Marla Silivant, Katlyn Arnold, Kendra Peloquin, Lauri Herndl, Dimitri Zachos, Billie Gaffrey, Vivian Komando, Corinne Wilson, Constance Rogers, Sami Wright, Kathy Harrah, Terri Jones-Shelley, Nathan Hight, Laurie Hudson, Rebecca Austin and Liza Snyder