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On Monday, February 28th, 16 members of the Walton High School BELLISSIMO Chorus sang for assessment at the annual District 1 Music Performance Assessment (MPA). The MPA is the Choral Music equivalent of the Florida Standards Assessment. The results given indicate if a chorus is daily meeting the Florida State Education Standards for Chorus 1, 2, and 3.
Walton High School can be proud that the four adjudicators rated the BELLISSIMO Chorus with 2 ‘Superior’ ratings and 2 ‘Excellent’ ratings. Congratulations to those hard-working students!

The School Board honored the middle and high school students who represented the Walton County School District at All-State in January. Thomas Cook (Emerald Coast Middle School), a 7th grade trumpet player, earned first chair in the All-State Middle School Band. Josue Mendoza-Torres (Freeport High School), an 11th grade tuba player, earned second chair in the All-State High School Honor Band. Riley Hughson (Paxton School), a senior flute player, earned first chair in the All-State High School Honor Band. Noah Stayer (Walton Middle School), Emma Hudson (Walton Middle School), and Kinsley Craig (Walton Middle School) were selected to perform in the All-State Middle School Mixed Chorus. Anna Graham (Walton High School) and Dulce Lara (Walton High School) were selected to participate in the Florida Music Educators Student Leadership Experience.


Thank you to all of these students for representing the Walton County School District so well!

MSE Lego Team Competes!

March 3, 2022

MSE's 2nd and 3rd grade Lego teams had a blast at their FIRST Lego League Explore competition. Both teams received the Team poster trophy displaying their journey throughout the year as they completed the Cargo Connect challenge. Students researched the many ways cargo is transported all over the world, then created innovative models using Legos of cargo transporting machines, such as conveyor belt, trucks, cargo ships and many others. The team used the WeDo 2.0 computer program to program the cargo sorter. They represented MSE very well, as they nervously explained all of this to the judges. The teams received medals for participating in the a new FIRST Lego League Explore challenge piloted at the Doolittle Institute. They will continue the challenge throughout the rest of the year as they add sensors and more motors to their project. We are very proud of our Lego teams!


During a quick break from Superintendent Hughes’ Walton Feeder Pattern Meeting, the Superintendent was able to observe SeaPerch in action at Walton Middle School.  The students were utilizing underwater robots to complete obstacles.  The students took a quick break to share their excitement and knowledge wit the Superintendent.  This is truly the definition of 4wRd thinking.  EPIC is the Walton County Way!!!!!  #EPIC 4wRd


Francis London is a veteran member of the custodial staff at Walton High School.  She has been working to ensure classroom and hallway cleanliness for 18 years in the Walton High building. Francis takes pride in keeping the school clean and safe for students to learn.  Mrs. London is married and has four boys. She says she loves to "hang out with her family!" In addition, Francis says the staff at Walton are beautiful people, and she enjoys coming to work; everyone I work with is a lot of fun!" Francis finds pleasure in working and helping the children on campus. "I want to say too that Ms. Leavins is a phenomenal leader and an even sweeter person," she says. Thank you, Mrs. London, for supporting Walton County School District children!


Isidore Jackson serves Walton High School as a Paraprofessional and football coach. Mr. Jackson is a graduate of Walton High, and after leaving for college, he chose to return to serve the students of Walton County.  He has been a part of the Walton County School District for seven years, sharing his expertise in athletics. Mr. Jackson is married has five children; three girls and two sons. Fishing is one of his favorite pastimes, and he says he finds it relaxing. Thank you, Mr. Jackson, for supporting Walton County School District Children!


Teresa Burks serves Walton High school as a member of the cafeteria staff.  Ms. Burks makes sure WHS students are receiving high-quality, nutritious meals prepared with love.  She has one daughter and enjoys going to church every Sunday.  Most often, Teresa spends time with her daughter and mother.  She loves family and people.   Ms. Burks is an excellent fit for Walton High School; Braves treat each other like family!  Thank you, Ms. Burks, for supporting Walton County School District children!


Willie Shipman is a member of the custodial team at Walton High.  Willie has been with the District for six years, and he has been on the custodial team for other schools in our county.  Wille always wears a smile and takes pride in ensuring the students of Walton High school can learn and play in a clean and safe environment.  Mr. Shipman is married and has three children; two girls and one son.  He is an excellent cook and enjoys preparing meals for friends.  When he wants to relax, he enjoys fishing and hunting.  Thank you, Mr. Shipman, for supporting Walton County School District children!

COVID Update February 25,2022

February 25, 2022

COVID Update February 25, 2022

In the spirit of transparency, the Walton County School District (WCSD) will continue to update our stakeholders with COVID-19 data for the 2021-2022 school year. 

COVID-19 Statistics

Single Day Data


% of total population (students and staff ~ 13,000)

Overall Data to Date

(8/10/21 – 2/24/22)

% of total population (students and staff ~ 13,000)

Positive COVID-19 Cases

of School District Students and/or Employees






Quarantined Due to On Campus Exposure of School District Students and/or Employees






Quarantined Due to Off Campus Exposure (Community/Family Exposure) of School District Students and/or Employees






Schools Involved in Positive Cases and/or Exposure







Walton County School District COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies for the 2021-2022 School Year

  1. If a person is sick (students, teachers, staff, and visitors), they should stay home.
  1. Hand sanitizer is available at various areas inside the school.
  2. Cleaning and disinfecting school facilities/buses which are occupied by students will be completed daily.
  3. Adequate mitigation supplies are on hand at all schools/facilities (hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, etc.).
  4. COVID-19 contact tracing is occurring in all schools/facilities.
  5. At this time non-essential visitors and volunteers are not allowed to enter schools. Starting Tuesday, March 1st visitors and volunteers will be allowed to enter schools during the school day.


*Please keep in mind that although COVID positive cases may represent a student or staff member within the WCSD, it does not necessarily indicate that the virus originated within the WCSD.  It is also important to note that a portion of the positive cases involve individuals who may have never entered the school setting while sick due to proper quarantining. 


All Sports FCA Breakfast

February 25, 2022

Our FCA Huddles all over Walton County met at the All Sports FCA Breakfast this morning for an amazing outpouring of love, fellowship and togetherness this morning.  We had several of our students share their testimony/life story in front of more than 1,000 students, families, sponsors and professionals. Thanks Michelle Carmichael, Matthew Avery, and school sponsors for creating this amazing experience.  Thanks coaches and principals for always supporting what’s Good and of best interest for students!  Thanks, students for always representing us so well!!


Tobias Porter serves Van R. Butler Elementary as a custodian.  You will notice how immaculate the campus is as soon as you enter the doors.  Tobias takes pride in keeping the school clean and safe for students to learn.  Mr. Porter has been with the District for three years. During this time, he has gained the admiration of teachers and students. Mr. Porter enjoys fishing, watching movies and football.  He is especially fond of spending time with his daughter. Thank you, Mr. Porter  for supporting Walton County School District children!


Chris Walden serves Van R. Butler Elementary as an ESE Aide.  He has worked with our District for four years and serves the students he attends faithfully.  His duties include assisting with academic work, daily skills, and personal care. Mr. Walden is married, but has no children. He enjoys video games, fishing and gardening. Thank you, Mr. Walden, for supporting Walton County School District children!


Andrea Posada serves Van R. Butler Elementary in the South end of our county.  Mrs. Posada is an ESE Instructional Aide on the VRB team and assists students with academic work, daily skills, personal care and provides support during special small group work. Mrs. Posada has been with the District for four years.  She likes to go to the beach and attend college/professional sports events.  Another favorite past time is spending quality time with her family.  In addition, she is a reader and finds joy in attending church events. Thank you, Mrs. Posada, for supporting Walton County School District Children!


Willie Sand is an instructional aide at Van R. Butler Elementary in Santa Rosa Beach.  He has served the Walton County School District for 4 years as an ESE Aide, Football  and Track Coach for the South Walton Seahawks.  Mr. Sand is married and  has two sons and one daughter.  Mr. Sands has been a tremendous asset to both of these schools.  In the little spare time he finds, Willie loves to fish or travel.  He loves all types of sports and is a connoisseur of sports cars.  Thank you, Mr. Sands, for supporting of Walton County School District children!