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The Marvel of Flight Fly In & Expo is held each spring at the DeFuniak Springs Airport. This is a 2 day event that hosts unique aircrafts and real-world pilots. WDE students watched presentations about each plane, climbed aboard a restored WWII helicopter, and got to see these remarkable planes fly in an airshow during the trip. The goal of Marvel of Flight is to inspire future aviators through fun and educating experiences. Students not only gained knowledge of each individual aircraft, they were also presented with the science behind flight. The learning experiences complimented our science unit on force and motion. WDE students had a great day exploring the Marvel of Flight!

Submitted by Jessica Dawkins

Cameron Strange has a pilot's helmet fastened as he sits in a restored helicopter.


Bay Elementary would like to congratulate Evan Musick and Elsie Bartlum for being selected to represent our school at the Kiwanis Club meeting on April 18. Both students were chosen by their teacher, Ms. Tonya Tidwell to be recognized for the Student of the Month Citizenship Award. Evan and Elsie will be honored along with other Walton County students at the at the Coastal Branch Library in Santa Rosa Beach. 

Submitted by Cindy Stewart

Mrs. Peloquin's art classes at Freeport Middle School stamped Traditional African Adinkra cloth for their Art in World Cultures studies.  They created their own stamps and designed their own layouts.  
Submitted by Kendra Peloquin

In this science lesson, students in Mrs. Shani Hicks’ 4th grade classes at WDE explored how energy makes things go. In this activity, students made rubber-band racers and experimented to figure out how much stored energy (how many times they needed to twist the rubber -band) was needed in order to win the "Sweet Spot" race. 

WDE Science

WDE Science

Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.

WHS cheerleaders recently visited Maude Saunders’ 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to participate in an FSA pep rally.  They ended the pep rally with glow sticks and reminded the students to “light that test up!”

Submitted by Christy English

Mariah addressed her Color Guard experience in the application by writing: 

"Being in Color Guard has impacted my life so much over the past years. Before I joined Color Guard I had no understanding of what it meant to be so passionate about something. But after I joined it seems as if I can never get it off my mind. I catch myself choreographing work to songs on the radio. I’ve never been that close to my family, it’s been just my mom, my sisters, and I. So, I never knew what it was like to have somebody or even several people I could go to with real life problems. It has taught me to put trust into something other than myself. I’ve met people that have been nothing but loving and caring, even if they barely knew me. I have made several lifelong friends that I plan to keep in touch with for the rest of my life. (I’m actually planning on rooming with one at USA). It has taught me the things like time management and leadership that I’ve already mentioned. But the thing I think it has taught me the most is to be part of somethings bigger than myself. To know that there are people looking out for you and making sure that your life is on track, is the best feeling one can have. It has taught me love and compassion for others even if I think they don’t deserve it sometimes. It has and always will be the best choice I have ever made."

Congratulations to Mariah, and the entire WHS Guard program! 

Submitted by Chad Robbins

Third and fourth graders at Butler Elementary got fired up to do their best on the upcoming FSA during a school pep rally on Friday!  Highlights of the rally included cheers led by the SWHS Cheerleaders and our own Coach Davies, a pep talk from Mr. Drake, and a special video created by the SWHS Leadership Class. 

Submitted by Tammy Smith

Third grader Baylee got an unexpected surprise Friday when her dad returned from deployment and surprised her at school!  The emotional moment occurred during the FSA pep rally so all third and fourth graders were fortunate to share this special event!  Welcome home sir, and thank you for your service! 

Submitted by Tammy Smith