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3rd grade Summer Reading Camp AWESOME teachers exploring highly effective interventions with Davidica McConnell! 

Submitted by Kim Stafford

Students in Walton County School District continue in the pursuit of learning during the summer months through the Summer Bridge program! 

Students from Walton Middle School, as well as Walton High School work hard to enhance their skills and knowledge in preparation for an EPIC school year in 2018-2019

Secondary English Language Arts teachers meet for SpringBoard CAP Training at Walton Middle School to assist students to develop and refine skills in critical thinking, close reading, writing in various genres, and doing research. 

Before the school year ended, the Walton Education Foundation presented two-year college scholarships to nine deserving Walton Middle School students.  These students will be provided a mentor and will be expected to maintain a certain GPA throughout the remainder of their high school years.  The scholarship will cover the cost of tuition for their first two years of college.  Congratulations to these WMS students!


Pictured Standing L to R:  Jodi Howell, WMS Guidance Counselor; Juliet Milam, Walton Education Foundation President; Konnor Colvin, Layla Hagan, Anna Graham, Sirderius Holmes, Jhacobe Adkison, scholarship recipients; Amy Wells, Take Stock in Children Program Provider; M.H. Carr, Executive Director of the Walton County Education Foundation.  Seated L to R:  Eva Ramirez, Aaron Milam, Breeanna Van Meer, and Kimberly Calderon, scholarship recipients.

Submitted by Kristen Nelson

Students across the Walton County School District will be participating in summer music camps to sharpen their musicianship and performance skills, as well as learn new music literature and marching drills for the upcoming school year! New band students get to experience "rookie camp" where they will learn the rudiments of marching! Walton High School band camp is currently underway, and the students and their instructors are showing some serious dedication and resilience! #summerband #keepcalmandmarch #bandteam #itsHotOutHere



Congratulations to Freeport High School’s Ted Missildine on being selected as the 2018 FLATE Distinguished Manufacturing Secondary Educator-of-the-Year Award. This award recognizes excellence in teaching in Florida in association with local industry partners for continuous improvement of the academic program, keeping it closely tied to industry needs. FLATE Award winners are selected from submitted nominations from around the state. They are judged by an awards committee made up of industry representatives that serve on our FLATE Industry Advisory Committee.

Submitted by Patty Woodard

Van R. Butler Elementary school was proud to host the Florida Department of Education Bureau of School Improvement in a regional convening on June 4 and 5, 2018.  As part of FLDOE's Differentiated Accountability program, regional teams of school improvement specialists are placed in five geographic regions across the state to provide on-the-ground support to district administrators, instructional coaches, and school leadership teams.

Superintendent A. Russell Hughes welcomed the team with a powerpoint overview of district accomplishments, perspective of the general demographic, and photo gallery of the district.  Closing remarks from the 2 day event were presented by Chancellor Hershel Lyons.

Every month, Mr. A. Russell Hughes, the Superintendent of Walton County Schools will share a video message with an update on the exciting things happening in the Walton County School District, Walton County, Florida. Check back often to stay informed on all the activities, events and accomplishments of teachers and students in the Walton County School District.

This month Superintendent Hughes congratulates the 2018 graduates, and shares the exciting results of U.S. News and World Reports "Best High Schools".  Mr. Hughes also discusses summer safety and encourages students and their parents to engage in activities to help avoid loss of learning.  

Butler Elementary fourth graders Claire Sherwood and Sutton Drake were recognized at the end of year Recognition Ceremony for achieving unprecedented reading goals. The two students had a “friendly” competition all year, and when the results came in Claire read the most words (over 6 million!), and Sutton earned the most AR points. Congratulations Claire and Sutton! 

Submitted by Tammy Smith

Parents and guests of Mrs. Michie's third grade class at Butler Elementary were delighted to visit a student created wax museum in their classroom. Each child selected a historical icon to research and shared details in a short speech. Student-made backdrops provided a perfect setting for each character.  Submitted by Tammy Smith