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Superintendent Hughes shared his morning with us for a series of roundtables with our students at an event we called "Sub Sandwiches with the Superintendent." Our students expressed how grateful they are for the Superintendent's vision for this STEAM school and all he has continued to do to stand it up as a premier place of learning. 

Mrs. Jessica Anderson’s 5th Grade Students reviewed in a not-so-traditional way, as they worked FSA review math problems independently. Each team chose a member to then compete in a Minute to Win It game. Some of the games included Bottle Flip, Cookie Challenge, and the Cotton Ball Scoop, just to name a few. Students were engaged and were eager to play the next round of games!

On Thursday, April 21, 2022, the Walton County School District and the Rosemary Beach Foundation marked the end of the 11th Annual Music in Pictures art initiative by celebrating the students and teachers who participated in this year’s event. There were over 4,000 students who participated from 20 public and private schools across Walton County. After listening to music by American composer, Mark O’Connor, students were invited to create a representation of their interpretation of the music in pictures. The ceremony highlighted and celebrated the different perspectives and talents at play in the Walton County School District, all truly EPIC! 

U.S. News Best High Schools Rankings

The U.S. News Best High Schools rankings include data on nearly 24,000 public high schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Nearly 18,000 schools were ranked on six factors based on their performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college.  These factors include: Mathematics Proficiency, Reading Proficiency, Science Proficiency, Advanced Placement Enrollment, Advance Placement Proficiency, and Graduation Rate. 

Freeport High School, Paxton High School, South Walton High School, and Walton High School were all recognized as BEST High Schools by U.S. News and World Report.  We are proud of our high schools for their continued excellence and accolades to include again obtaining this recognition.  Thank you for all or your effort and hard work to make the Walton County School District great!  #EPIC 4wRd

THE ST. JOE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES THE WINNERS OF THE 2022 NO ORDINARY JOE SCHOLARSHIP:  WES CORBIN OF WALTON HIGH SCHOOL.  Wes Corbin received a $13,000 scholarship award to offset the cost of college tuition.  

The No Ordinary JOE scholarship was created to encourage students to become engaged in leadership and community service and is available to all public high school students in Bay and Walton Counties. In addition to Mr. Corbin and Ms. Nguyen, 27 scholarship nominees received $500 scholarships and 13 school finalists received an additional $2,500 scholarship to be paid towards a degree program at the recipients’ chosen college.

Wes Corbin, a senior at Walton High School, plans to attend Auburn University this fall to pursue a degree in Building Construction. While in high school, Mr. Corbin played varsity baseball and was also involved in Key Club, Anchor Club and the Fellowship of Student Athletes among other student organizations. In addition to excelling academically, he contributed significantly to several service projects both at his school and in the community during his high school career.

These are the faces of great tenacity, grit, success, belief and Joy of education!  These students epitomize the reason we should forever give our best as Educational Leaders, staff and teachers.  The teachers you see also exemplify the joy of facilitating a world class education in the WCSD!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week for all employees and post test joy for students.  Superintendent Hughes stopped in to check on SWHS and MIC today!  EPIC is the WAY!

Today, May 3, is National Teacher Appreciation Day!  This day is set aside during the week-long National Teachers Week celebration to recognize the work of teachers celebrating and honoring the commitment and sacrifices they each make.  If you have a teacher in your life you would like to thank, today would be the perfect day!   Send a kind note, let the teacher who made an impact in your life know how special they are.  To all Walton County  School District Teachers…..Enjoy your day!

South Walton High School student, Katelyna Pastrana, was recognized for her artwork, “Perspective is Objective,” submitted for the Congressional Art Competition sponsored by the U.S. House of Representatives. Miss Pastrana, a junior in Mr. Dimitri Zachos’ Creative Photography class, was recognized at the contest ceremony held in Pensacola on Saturday, April 23, 2022.  

Superintendent Hughes stopped by WHS today to check on students as they were headed to lunch after a Great Day of testing.  Of course, these great students took the time to join him in a Selfie!  In the background of the picture is the Hall of Fame Students for the year as well as individual handwritten notes to every student from a teacher at WHS encouraging them to show the phenomenal and amazing students we have in the WCSD.   Happy Teacher Appreciation week to you teachers that during a time when you should be celebrated take the time to encourage, inspire, challenge, and celebrate our students!  EPIC TRULY is the Way!  Thanks, Ms. Leavins, for leading the way as a first-year principal.  #Redcarpet

On Wednesday, April 27, 2002 Walton County School District employees showed their support for our local Children’s Advocacy Center and National Child Abuse Prevention Month by wearing navy blue.  National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a time for us to not only honor those who work to support children and strengthen families, but to shine a light on the many ways we can all play a role in preventing children from being harmed. 

The Prevention Resource Guide, an annual publication by the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families Children’s Bureau outlines actions that can be taken by communities, organizations, families, and individuals to address the root causes of child abuse and provide meaningful and equitable support to families.  

You can access the Prevention Resource Guide and other resources at the Child Welfare Information Gateway’s at

By increasing efforts to prevent child abuse, we all help children, families, and communities thrive.