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Walton Middle School science teacher Mrs. Greer Harvell welcomed students back to school with a fun, get-to-know-your-teacher lesson that combined evidence-based writing and inquiry skills.  Throughout the year, science students will investigate science topics through literacy and hands-on practice using the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning strategy (CER).  Mrs. Harvell introduced the CER approach on the second day of school by allowing students an opportunity to get to know her.  Mrs. Harvell filled a table at the front of her classroom with many miscellaneous personal objects and asked students to come up, examine the objects, and draft a claim about who their teacher is based on the evidence before them.  After drafting individual claims, students collaborated with shoulder partners, then shared their ideas with the class, supporting their thoughts with evidence and reasoning.  Not only did the activity give students a chance to learn more about their teacher, but it also introduced them to a powerful evidence-based inquiry strategy for successful science learning.  Submitted by Kristen Nelson

FHS AP Psychology students learn about important contributors in psychology through a "speed dating" simulation.  

Students assumed the role of a famous psychologist or psychiatrist for the class period. They were given 1 minute to introduce themselves to a classmate by giving a brief biographical sketch as well as highlighting the important contributions and school of thought. This was done in a ‘speed dating’ format where they rotated partners every minute. Students could bring visuals, props or dress like their person to help their classmates learn about the psychologist.

Submitted by Vanessa Bump/Patty Woodard

In the their first week as students at Paxton school, Mrs. Allen's Pre-K students got to participate in their first science experiment of the year, in which the expanded water beads. It is clear that the newest editions to the Bobcat family are in for an exciting year. submitted by Kalli McMillan

Superintendent Hughes honored the faculty and staff of Paxton School with a visit during the first week of school. He got a chance to talk with students and teachers about making the school year POP! Submitted by Kalli McMillan

Superintendent Hughes recently received a unique and very special item in honor and memory of Colonel Michael Flynt, USAF, ret., who passed away in December of 2017.  Colonel Flynt's wife, Charlotte Flynt, presented Mr. Hughes with a beautiful tie that has traveled all over the world along with the Colonel in his many remote assignments. 

Colonel Flynt was a United State Air Force Command Pilot, flying fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, who received numerous accommodations and awards including the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal among many others. He was also faculty and commandant at the USAF Special Operations School.

Col. Flynt was deeply community minded, and active in the development of this area. He served on the Board of Trustees for Northwest Florida State College, Past President of Institute of Senior Professionals at Northwest Florida State College, a founder of Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance, President of South Walton Utilities, a member of Choctawhatchee Military Council and Air Commando Association.  A large part of his service to the community was in the area of promoting and supporting the mentor programs in our area schools.  

Superintendent Hughes is grateful and proud for the opportunity to share Colonel Flynt's legacy with all the students of Walton County School District.  Make sure to be on the lookout for Supt. Hughes wearing the beautiful tie, and ask him about Colonel Flynt and his contribution to our Nation, and the local area!

Mossy Head School had a special visitor Monday morning.  Students were greeted with a warm welcome from Superintendent Hughes on their first Monday back to school.  Submitted by Elizabeth Gaither.

Superintendent Hughes Visiting Mossy Head School