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Dr. Alexis Tibbetts congratulated Heath Holcomb, Elise Plunk and Nadia Bock for earning perfect scores on their United States History end-of-course exams last spring.  Also honored was Adrianna Peluso for earning a perfect score on her English Language Arts FSA test.  Way to go Seahawks!

Every month, Mr. A. Russell Hughes, Walton County, Florida Superintendent of Schools, will share a video message with an update on the exciting things happening in the Walton County School District, Walton County, Florida. Check back often to stay informed on all the activities, events and accomplishments of teachers and students in the Walton County School District.

This month's video was filmed at Freeport Middle School where Superintendent Hughes welcomes new principal, John Olson. Superintendent Hughes shares his excitement over the great beginning of the 2019-20 school year, and emphasizes the importance of regular daily school attendance for student success. Mr. Hughes also reminds parents of the upcoming mid-term progress reports coming out on September 11, 2019. Great things are happening in the WCSD!


On Friday, August 30th, Mrs. Gaby Brown’s seventh grade AVID elective students were happy to lend a helping hand to Mrs. Emily Kent’s sixth grade reading students.  AVID binder organization is a fundamental for success for WMS students, and it is often difficult for sixth graders as they adjust from having just one or two teachers in elementary school to seven teachers in middle school.  The seventh grade AVID students helped prepare the sixth graders for their first binder check by explaining each part of the rubric and by providing tried and true tips for staying organized.  In true Warrior spirit, WMS students collaborate to help each other succeed. 

Submitted by Kristen Nelson

WMS Teamwork Dreamwork

WMS Teamwork Dreamwork

Congratulations to the following students for winning Butler’s monthly Sportsmanship Awards. They have shown great sportsmanship characteristics for this month, including being prepared, sharing, and being gracious winners. For fourth grade, Camila Cervantes and Luke Forester were recognized. For fifth grade, Noor Ahmed and Ty Nguyen were recognized.

Butlers Sportsmanship Award


Butlers Sportsmanship Award

WMS invites families to join us for DATA & DOUGHNUTS.
6th grade—Weds., 9/11
7th grade—Thurs., 9/12
8th grade—Fri., 9/13
(@ 7:50 each day in your child’s SPEAR classroom)
At this unique event, you will:
--Learn more about WMS in our annual Title 1 parent meeting
--Gain insights about your child’s progress so far this year
--Establish attainable goals for success with your child
For safety purposes, please arrive early that morning to sign-in and print your identification badge. (WCSD uses the Raptor identification system to help keep our schools safe. Processing IDs does take time, so you might want to visit our front office prior to the event to be entered into our system.)
We look forward to seeing you!
Submitted by Kristen Nelson

WDE’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Dawn Barone, visited some first grade classrooms to read a book, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates. Throughout the story, she discussed the book with them and asked questions. Mrs. Barone reminded students to not only be their best academically but to also be the best, kindest friend that they can be!


Pictured: Mrs. Dawn Barone with Mrs. Sconiers’s first grade class

Mrs. Sconiers class

Mrs. Sconiers class

Students in third grade learned the difference between making an inference and an observation.  Students were asked to observe as the teacher presented them with what appeared to be a candle.  Students continued to observe as their teacher lit the "candle" and blew it out.  Next, they were asked to share what was observed.  After sharing out their observations, third graders were completely surprised when their teacher took a big bite of the candle and ATE IT!  The “candle” turned out to be a mozzarella stick with a sliver of almond as the wick.  This was the perfect opportunity for teachers to discuss the difference between an inference and an observation.  They learned that observations are based on facts or evidence gathered using the five senses.  Inference is based on their own reasoning and speculation.

WDE Inference Vs Observation

House competitions at the WISE Center are serious business, and it was Ramsey's House of Archer for the win!  But, everyone was able to share in the rewards when Live School paychecks were passed out to use at the school store.

WISE House

WISE House Competitions