McCaid Paul, a 15 year-old ninth grader at Walton High School in DeFuniak Springs, has just published his second novel, “Secret Trust.” It is the sequel to “The Forgotten Headline,” his first book which debuted last year. They are both available in paperback, hardcover, or ebook through 

“Secret Trust” is the second in a series of four books which takes place in a small, southern town known as Summersville. The sequel revolves around the main characters, Mick and Billie, who are each confronting their own family mysteries, uncovering hidden truths and decades old secrets. 

McCaid developed a love for reading and writing at a very early age. He credits his parents and teachers for encouraging and supporting his talents. His motivation also comes from wanting others to enjoy reading and writing as much as he does. Themotivation behind the Summersville Series was to gain students who haven’t developed a love for reading. 

With the help of his many beta readers, his editor, and formatter, his dreams of publishing continue to come from fruition. 

Walton County School District is so proud of this young author!!! 

To learn more about McCaid and his writing, check out his website,,, or locate him on Instagram and Twitter.