Big Day for the FHS Bulldogs!  Amidst a big playoff game tonight, the attention to detail by staff is unprecedented.  Superintendent Hughes saw firsthand the challenge of our new ILDA model in Ms. Griffith’s Spanish class.  Having to balance, keep engaged, and monitor the work of on-site learners in a World Language Class is more than multi-task teaching to say the least, but our teachers are making it happen.  Also, saw Mr. Phillips come out and clean his door handle between classes.  The all time favorite Caged Bird Sings by Mayou Angelou was being analyzed in ELA.  How about this student leader sporting a tie through the halls?  Bulldog Country as Superintendent Hughes estimates 80-85% of students were wearing masks, led by Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Michie and 100% of office staff when social distancing is not possible.  This is why our quarantine numbers are great compared to other districts.  Not political or personal for our schools, just taking care of each other!  We call this EPIC3!  GO DOGS, GO DOGS, GO DOGS!