Superintendent Hughes met with senior student leaders from each public high school in Walton County School District to talk about various topics at the inaugural Superintendent’s Roundtable. The purpose of this exciting initiative was to hear from the students and learn from their experiences before they graduate from Walton County School District.

A few points of discussion were Safety & Security, changes that might help future students, and the level of rigor in their core classes. At the end of the meeting, students shared some final remarks about their thoughts from the day. A few of those statements included:

“It’s nice to realize that all the different schools in the county have similar experiences and problems.”

“For Superintendent Hughes to want to hear the students’ voices is amazing.”

“I feel honored because a lot of people have a lot of stuff to say and I get to be able to say what I have to say.”

“I think this was a really great experience getting to hear that everyone is doing something different in their school, but yet we’re all still working toward a common goal.”

Superintendent Hughes presented each student with a certificate to be included in their portfolios and resumes, as well as a special challenger coin and portable Bluetooth speaker as a token of appreciation for their participation and continued leadership. Superintendent Hughes looks forward to continuing this very special occasion each year as a benefit to both our students and district alike.”