Students in Mr. Joe Proffitt's agriculture classes at Walton Middle School will soon have all the tools they need for their edible garden this year, thanks to many gracious donors. On Friday, August 24, 2018, Mr. Proffitt created an Edible Garden Grant through the "Donors Choose" website, requesting $600 to buy a wheelbarrow, loop hoes, rakes, shovels, and pitch forks. Mr. Proffitt, his students, and their families shared the project across social media over the weekend. Amazingly, within just two days, community members, and even complete strangers from Texas, Kansas, and New York, had donated enough money to fully fund the program, with an additional $150 to buy extra equipment. Not only has Mr. Proffitt been teaching his students how to grow healthy gardens, but he has also been emphasizing the importance of having healthy hearts as well--teaching students about the bounty that can grow from random acts of kindness. Therefore, Mr. Proffitt and his students were humbled by the generosity of so many kind individuals and will use their donations well to make their class garden grow.
Pictured L to R: Tomas Valerio, Gavin Rhodes, Gage Pickron, Tanner Poole
Submitted by Kristen Nelson