We are so elated that the following teachers have been selected first, by their colleagues at their school sites, and then secondly, have been designated as the top 3 from that distinguished group to compete and be observed by a non-bias committee to be selected as the Walton County School District Teacher of the Year.


Christin Barnhart – South Walton High School

Leslie Coone – Mossy Head School

Hannah Gomillion – Van R. Butler Elementary School


A committee looked over all the applications, accomplishments, and skills of those who were selected at their school sites. Now this committee is going to do a formal visit to the classrooms of Ms. Barnhart, Ms. Coone, and Ms. Gomillion, to see all that was written on paper, in real-time. The interaction that these teachers will have with their students, the engagement the student will be involved in, will help determine which of these three very phenomenal teachers will represent WCSD at the state level as Teacher of the Year.


We have had some great winners in past years and know this year’s winner is not going to be an exception to that greatness. We, the teachers, support staff, principals, and community, are excited to have this kind of representation on the wonderful campuses we have in Walton County.


Congratulations to the site-based winners on every campus!


We are glad to say that at 90% brick and mortar, our students are really getting the full effect of being educated by these teachers.


Congratulations and good luck to those who have been selected in the top 3 and are now in the running for Walton County School District’s Teacher of the Year.”