Congressman Gaetz was warmly welcomed by the WHS administration and the student leadership team upon his arrival at the school. 
He was taken on a tour of the facility arranged and guided by the WHS leadership team that included the Culinary department, Media Center, a U.S History class, Drama class, AVID class, and the ROTC program.

Congressman Gaetz shared with several groups of students during his visit his admiration for General George Washington (later President Washington). “The most inspiring piece of art in the United States Capital, to me, is a painting of George Washington resigning his commission as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. At all times in human history prior to Washington, the Generals who won the wars became the Emperors...became the Kings. But Washington’s belief was that power should not be invested in a person, but rather in an institution that serves and is representative of all the people. The fact that this happened here in the United States of America first...that our birth as a nation was the function of a man’s selflessness of not wanting power but wanting the elected officials of the people to be in power...makes me so proud and honored to be an American.”

Congressman Gaetz ended his visit with a stop by the Brave room at WHS, where a District Principal’s meeting was underway. He shared his admiration and respect to those who educate the future leaders of our country.


Matt Gaetz with Walton High School Principal, Janet Currid, and Assistant Principal, Nathan Smith

Congressman Gaetz with WHS Leadership Team

Front Row: Tia Leathers, Lorelei Bailey, Abigail Hewitt

Second Row: Congressman Gaetz, Tyler Morse, John Pennington, Blake Saunders

Visiting in the Culinary Arts class! It was "Muffin Day", and Congressman Gaetz was provided a tasty treat during his visit.

Enjoying an improv session in the Drama class!

Sharing his thoughts about General George Washington...

Congressman Gaetz with the WHS ROTC class.

Congressman Gaetz visits with the WCSD principals at a district wide Principal's Meeting.