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9:30-10:20       Kindergarten

10:20-11:00     Second grade 

11:00-11:40     Third grade    

11:40-12:10     Fourth grade  

12:45-1:30       First grade      

1:30-2:15         Fifth grade

Mrs. Kimble’s class – Kindergarten and 1st grade at 9:30; 3rd & 4th grade at 11:45

Mrs. Free’s class – 12:00-1:00

Friday, August 31st - Students will be on an early release schedule.

11:40 – Pick up and Spice

11:45 – First Bus load

12:00 -  Second Bus load

4th and 5th grade parents and students participated in our Open House last Thursday night and received valuable information that will help their child have a successful school year. Hot dogs, chips, and drinks were provided by PTO at their "meet and greet" just prior to Open House. Thank you, families, for making your child's education a priority!
MSE proudly welcomes Mrs. Marline Van Dyke as our new Assistant Principal.  She is a familiar face as she was one of last year's Instructional Coaches.  We are excited for her to join our Administrative Team.  Congratulations!

School Grades Are In!

June 27, 2018

MSE is proud to announce our improved school grade of "C"!

No longer are we one of the lowest 300 Florida schools! 

In the coming days, we will announce our 2018-19 school hours.  

We are on target to be EPIC in 2018-19!

June 5, 2018

May 4, 2018

New Dress Code

July 19, 2017

When shopping for school clothes, please be aware that Maude Saunders will follow the Walton County District Code of Conduct which states that shorts, skirts, and dresses must be AT THE KNEE. Leggings, spandex, or tights are not permitted unless worn with an outer garment that complies with dress code requirements and is AT THE KNEE. For information about where to purchase shorts that reach the knee, see the district website